Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wine Country Century 100K

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of riding the Wine Country Century 100k, my longest ride since breaking my foot last fall and four months off of the bike.

My preparation was hardly optimal. I've been commuting pretty regularly, but my commute is ~13 miles and just over an hour so pretty short. I had one 30 mile ride about a month ago but plans for a 40+ mile training ride fell through when I had the plague for ten days. Still, my commute includes San Bruno Mountain and I carry a 15 pound load (lead-brick laptop), so I was confident that I'd regained some strength. I was confident that I'd be ok on the 100k so long as I paced myself. 

The ride was a lot of fun, and I was pleasantly surprised by how great the route was. Such a pretty area! The event is incredibly well organized- great job Santa Rosa cycling club. 

I made it to the lunch stop at 30 miles with no trouble at all. By the time I hit the 40-mile mark, my "contact points" were a bit cranky, but my foot was doing great, a big relief especially since I just re-started riding with cycling shoes last week. I went into slow-n-steady (and I mean slow!) mode and cruised through the last 22 miles, rolling in at around 1pm  

The post-ride festivities were great and I especially appreciated the great vegetarian food options- two kinds of salad and interesting lasagne with polenta, roasted mushroom and cheese. Often, vegetarians are really an after-thought and it was nice to have well-prepared options! I reclined/napped on the lawn while I waited for dan to finish the 200k. What a great day! 
A few more pictures below.

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Christine said...

Get on the bike, try your best, be positive and see what happens -- you did fine and clearly had a wonderful time. Yay!