Saturday, August 17, 2013

Camping and hiking in the redwoods

Camping in the redwoods (in the walk-in part of Butano State Park campground)
We've been trying to shake up our routine, do things we don't ordinarily do, try new things, and generally get out more. To this end, we headed out for a one-night camping trip to Butano State Park near Pescadero CA. 

Magnificent stump, a legacy of redwood logging
We had snagged a reservation in the walk-in part of the campground earlier in the week. It turned out that our site was about 150 feet from the car, so not very much walking in was required! (Other sites in the walk-in area were farther from parking, however).

Amazing bark on a redwood tree stump
The park is quite pleasant and the campsites are in a redwood strand: shaded, peaceful and quiet, with only about half the hike-in sites occupied on the Sunday night that we were there. We rested, took a short hike in the park, and I did a mountain bike ride up a fire road in the park. 

Hiking on the Mill Ox Trail in Butano State Park
Hike: 3.5 mile hike in Butano, 4.5 the next day at Ano Nuevo State Park (elephant seals!). Dan did amazingly well on the hiking, the longest walks he's done since he hurt himself in a bike crash
Mountain bike: a few miles up a fire road (steeper than I had anticipated!)
Eating: goat cheese from Harley goats, and yummies from the bakery in Pescadero
R&R: lots, a well-needed break from our routine. We returned Monday afternoon feeling like we had been away for much longer than 2 days. Yeah!

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