Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cycling on Martha's Vineyard

My rental bike poses at the West Chop lighthouse
 Dan and I visited Martha's Vineyard a few weeks ago, and in between family visiting, I did some riding on a rental bike.

My bike poses on the bike path along Beach Road

Riding is a popular form of transit on the island and there are quite a few bike paths in the northern part of the island. Because my rental bike was disappointingly klutzy (despite being advertised as a "premium hybrid"), I kept my rides fairly short, but I did manage to put in about 60 miles over a couple of days.

I had a lot of fun tooling around the island and I really recommend riding as a form of local transit.  I saw lots of people riding to and from the beaches each day, including families with small kids!

Bike and hiking path through the woods and fields near the airport
A comment on why I've been renting hybrid bikes on my last few trips (including for 40 + miles of Chicago's Bike the Drive), as opposed to a road bike more like those I ride at home. Generally, I find the hybrid bikes more fit-adjustable than the typical road bike, in terms of my being able to have a comfortable position on the bike. Riding a hybrid with platform pedals also means that I can leave the road shoes and pedals at home. Plus, I feel more comfie locking up a rental hybrid and stopping to shop or get an ice cream :) This works pretty well for casual city type riding.


Christine said...

I'm jealous of the lovely scenery. I hear ya - I love my Specialized Hybrid. It's like a Volvo.

NadiaMac said...

Christine, is the hybrid your commuter bike? I did the chicago ride on a specialized hybrid and it was a good little bike. Not particularly zippy, but solid and reasonable components