Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Costa Rica photos

Colorful sunset in San Jose, Costa Rica
My trip to Costa Rica last year was a bit of an unplanned whirlwind. I'd returned from a month in New Zealand, repacked my bags and headed out to Costa Rica for a few days en route to Ecuador. I'd hardly planned and just kind of winged it.

Rolling hills at dusk in the Arenal area
I ended up with far too much transit time and too little explore time. If I did this short trip again, I'd focus on one spot with local exploring. Next time...  I did get in some fun hikes, animal viewing and some much needed chill time by the ocean.
Waterfall hike and swim. Getting there involved a horse ride and hike down a steep ravine, which was fun
I was reviewing my photos from last year's trip, and here are some of my favorite ones from the week.
Road sign. I saw each of these species on my trip

Ocean sunset

Colorful art at my San Jose lodging. It was quirky and I loved it
Tiffany stained glass with local animals and plants