Monday, April 29, 2013

Anything Goes Commute Challenge: solo drive

Not much to say here, except that I still do way too much of this.  My commute is on the short side for S.F. Bay Area commutes. I live in a neighborhood with good freeway access and I reverse commute, so traffic is typically on the light side and I rarely face jams. My employer offers copious free parking, further enabling my slothful car commuting.

The Stats:
Route: surface streets, freeway
Distance: ~12 miles
Elapsed time: 25-35 in the am, 30-35 in the pm
Exercise time: 0
Reading/relaxing time: 0
Bliss factor: 0
Cost per trip: $6.73 (ref: Fed. govt. mileage reimbursement)

Enables#:  faster trip into work, flexibility and fast trip into work if I oversleep (see solo ride post for my preference to leave early and my frequent early morning work meetings), can carry things e.g. heavy laptop, can run errands after work, can go to appointment (eg, dentist) before or after work

Disadvantages: need to exercise after work when I am tired (frequently, I fail at this), environmental impact, occasional heavy traffic/unpredictable commute time, enables my workaholic tendency to work very late since I can leave work at any time

#A note on the "enabling" aspect of my solo drive: . I don't really need to run errands on the car-trip home from work, since shopping, gym, etc. are all within 3 blocks to 1 mile of my place and it's just as convenient to ride home, then walk or drive to the store, gym etc.  So, I place very low value on the errand convenience factor noted above. (As an aside, I pass a bunch of shops on my bike ride home but rarely stop since I don't typically commute with a bike lock)

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