Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fairfax-Point Reyes Station Loop

Point Reyes-Petaluma Road by the Nicasio reservoir
I'm trying to break out of the rut of short city rides, so yesterday I left (relatively) bright and early and headed out to Fairfax for some Marin county riding. My plan: ride the about 40 mile loop out to Point Reyes Station and back.  A good distance for me at the moment.  I haven't been riding much and I'm trying to build up my endurance again.

I rolled out on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, then turned right onto Nicasio Road. It was a glorious day! Warm and almost no wind.  I felt quite zippy, even though the ride was a bit more hilly than I had remembered. It's been a few years since I've done this route. 

Nicasio reservoir. What a day!
Dan caught me a few miles after the turn onto Point Reyes-Petaluma  Road. He'd departed by bike in the city about 30 minutes before I left by car. I'd hoped to beat him to Point Reyes Stations, oh well. 

We enjoyed lunch in the sun-- me pigging out on Bovine Bakery fare, he on fruit and berries from the supermarket.  Then, back via the usual route through Samuel B Taylor Park, Sir Francis Drake to San Geronimo Road. Despite my giant lunch (or perhaps because of it?), I kind of bonked on the last climb. Dan realized that I'd had just one bottle of water in about 3.5 hot hours, and forced me to drink some coke.
After a little rest, I regrouped and spun up the last climb.  All in all, a spectacular ride. I hope to do more ride in marin in the next few weeks!
Fairfax-Point Reyes Station cycling route
38 miles, ~2000 feet of climbing

Directions: Sir Francis Drake to Nicasio Valley Road to Point Reyes-Petaluma Road, to HW 1 to Bear Valley Road to HW 1 to Sir Francis Drake to Samuel B Taylor Park bike path to dirt path to Sir Francis Drake to an Geronimo Road to Sir Francis Drake to bike route into Fairfax (follow signs).


Christine said...

I like the photo of the reservoir. I'm proud of you for getting out and making a go of it.

NadiaMac said...

Thanks Christine!