Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Mega-Monster Enduro

Yesterday, Dan and I helped out at the Low-Key Mega-Monster Enduro, 100 miles or 100k of riding goodness on Highway 25 out in Paicines.

A large team starts the Mega-Monster Enduro
I really, really love this route. I'd planned to ride the 100k, then down-graded to a shorter ride due to over three weeks of illness. Standing around in the morning chill took a toll on my feeble lungs, though, and I ended up not riding at all-- I couldn't stop coughing and it seemed like a bad idea. Stupid cold!

Dan and Bill at the start
 Poor health aside, I had a good time helping at the start and finish and chatting with Christine and others at the finish. About 140 riders did the event, record attendance! I look forward to riding it next year.

Riders line up at the start of the Mega-Monster Enduro in Paicines

Christine flagging down riders at the finish of the Mega-Monster Enduro

Mega-Monster Enduro route: 102 miles or 100k on highway 25 starting and finishing in Paicines


djconnel said...

Nice report!!!! And thanks for the great help!

Bill Bushnell said...

Thanks for helping, Cara. And, thanks to you and Dan for doing much of the heavy-lifting to pull off the event.