Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Mega-Monster Enduro

Yesterday, Dan and I helped out at the Low-Key Mega-Monster Enduro, 100 miles or 100k of riding goodness on Highway 25 out in Paicines.

A large team starts the Mega-Monster Enduro
I really, really love this route. I'd planned to ride the 100k, then down-graded to a shorter ride due to over three weeks of illness. Standing around in the morning chill took a toll on my feeble lungs, though, and I ended up not riding at all-- I couldn't stop coughing and it seemed like a bad idea. Stupid cold!

Dan and Bill at the start
 Poor health aside, I had a good time helping at the start and finish and chatting with Christine and others at the finish. About 140 riders did the event, record attendance! I look forward to riding it next year.

Riders line up at the start of the Mega-Monster Enduro in Paicines

Christine flagging down riders at the finish of the Mega-Monster Enduro

Mega-Monster Enduro route: 102 miles or 100k on highway 25 starting and finishing in Paicines