Thursday, January 10, 2013

Montara Mountain hike

Big views from the Montara Mountain Trail
After a rainy Saturday, Dan and I were itching to get out for hike. Though the day was a bit foggy, the fog layer was pretty high and we could see our local peaks were below the fog layer. It seemed like a good day to hike Montara Mountain, which is known for its big ocean views.

Brooks Fall trail in San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica

We started in San Pedro Valley Park, where we've hiked and run the trails before.  We took the Brooks Fall trail, attracted by the singletrack and the waterfall view.  The trail was nice and had pleasant canyon views, with occasional big views out to the ocean.
Montara Mountain Trail is bike-legal fireroad at this point
Brooks Fall terminates into the Montara Mountain Trail, which is kind of rocky single track for about 1/2 mile, then turns into a broad fireroad which runs up to the summit.

Misty views down to the ocean on this hike. Only the summit was fogged in.
We had terrific views until the summit area where some fog was rolling in. The summit has a bunch of radio towers and barbed wire fences, so I didn't trudge up to the technical tops (Dan did).
Hiking back down the mountain. The fog stopped at the ocean creating an interesting effect
We took the Montara Mountain Trail all the way back down, creating a kind of lollypop route. The Montara Mountain Trail bit at the bottom (in San Pedro Valley Park) is nice, but I actually like Brook Falls trail better- it is a bit narrower and had fewer hikers, at least when we were there. 

Local wildlife on the Montara Mountain Trail. watch out for these little guys!
Gorgeous manzanita grove on the Brooks Fall Trail
What a great hike!

Map of Montara Mountain hike: Brooks Valley Trail to Montara Mountain Trail to summit, returning by the Montara Mountain Trail to the start at San Pedro Valley Park
7.4 miles for me, 7.6 miles for Dan (who trudged up to the two "summits" to look at the electrical equipment and attennae)
~1900 vertical feet of climbing


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Stunning photos for a great outing. That tree, wow.