Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Headlands hike

SF city view from the SCA trail, Marin headlands
Dan and I headed out for a holiday hike up in the Marin Headlands. I was eager to try out my new hiking poles, even though they seemed like overkill for the relatively gentle trails of the headlands.

Dan on the SCA trail, Golden Gate bridge sneak view
 We meant to hike up the Miwok trail, but accidentally took Bobcat instead.  As an aside, we saw a real live bobcat on the Bobcat trail the day after this hike (when we returned to the headlands for a MTB ride)! It was super fuzzy and not very frightened of humans.

Near the summit of Bobcat, we turned off on unmarked single track in search of a (rumored) view point.  The trail continued on and on, though, and we followed it all the way onto the Rodeo Valley Trail. It was fun to be off of the fire road, but the trail is muddy and covered with poison oak (just writing this is making my leg have a phantom itch), so a better route would be to stay on Bobcat to the Alta trail.

We took Rodeo to the SCA trail, my favorite trail in this part of the headlands. A short detour off of SCA took us up to a summit where we shot the photos above. There was a fantastic 360 degree view, crisp and clear with visibility out to Montara Mountain, the Farallons, and Diablo to the East. My photos, however, were overexposed because I messed up the settings on the newish camera :(

We finished the hike by taking the Coastal Trail back to the road. What a great day!  ~7.4 miles, 1300 feet of climbing.