Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cycling out of San Francisco: dirty San Bruno commute ride

View from my morning commute: downtown San Francisco to Twin Peaks tower to the Headlands, viewed from San Bruno Mountain Saddle Ridge trail
I've wanted to commute in by the San Bruno Mountain Saddle Ridge trail for ages, and I took advantage of an exceptionally clear morning last week to do so. 

Looking back on the trail: quite ridable on a road bike, with only a few patches of slightly deep gravel

I rode out from the mission on Mission Street, then climbed up to the park entrance on Crocker. A short ride on an exeptionally bumpy paved road takes you to the trail itself. 

Pink ladies blooming: it must be fall

The trail is a lot of fun: wide, fairly hard packed and quite tractable on a road bike. And the views don't disappoint.
Radio towers on San Bruno Mountain summit. Still some fog on Guadalupe Canyon road
What an awesome ride.

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