Friday, August 24, 2012

Guayaquil photos

City view. The Guayas River was swollen by flood waters
 I spent two days in Guayaquil in February, one day on each end of our Galapagos trip. We got out and took in some of the local sites and a museum. Guayaquil has a very different flavor than Quito, for sure, but our stay was enjoyable and exceeded my expectations.

Resident iguana in Simon Bolivar Park (aka Parque de las iguanas)

Feeding the ducks in the Jardin Botanica. The Gardens are small, but well kept and pretty with a series of theme gardens.

Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo, on the Malecón 2000 riverwalk. This was a great visit, especially the precolombian area of the museum.

Historical street near the base of Cerro Santa Ana. A tourist trap, but a pretty street with nice views.

Climbing the 444 steps to the top of Cerro Santa Ana. This hilltop neighborhood is the site of Guayaquil's original settlement. It was relatively recently redeveloped into a tourist (trap) attraction, and the pedestrian only steps were fun to climb. The top features a church, a lighthouse, a military museum, and big views.

Mother and Cannon at the top of the hill

View from the light house atop of Cerro Santa Ana. Nice views!

444 steps! On a hot and humid day.

City view from our downtown hotel. Quite a different feeling that Quito, but we enjoyed our 1.5 days in Guayaquil nonetheless

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