Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back to it on Mt Tam

View of Tiburon, Angel Island and Diablo from Old Railroad Grade

A few shots from the maiden post-crash voyage on my cross-country mountain bike.  Yes, the bike that crashed with me a few years ago.  For the first trip back, we headed out to Old Railroad Grade on Mt Tam, a fireroad that follows the path of the old railway.  It's wide and fairly smooth with a moderate grade and climbs 2200 vertical feet in about six miles with spectacular views. It's very beginner friendly.

After five miles, we arrived at the West Point Inn and enjoyed a glass of lemonade on the porch. The view was great- clear with great views to Mt Diablo to the east. Then, we continued on another mile or so to the East Peak viewpoint, which has an expansive view sweeping from the bay to San Francisco (fogged in in the photo above) to the ocean.

Map of Old Railroad Grade Trail, Mt Tam

I felt pretty good on the bike and enjoyed the climb even though I was slow as a turtle. The downhill was a ripping good time and it was fun to roll over the rocks with the cushy suspension. I have to admit that I was apprehensive getting on this bike again, more apprehensive than I was on my first downhill mountain bike ride a few months ago. The bike had become linked with my crash in my mind. But, it all went smoothly (except for some minor issues with my cleat adjustment) and I am optimistic that I might continue to enjoy riding this bike on dirt.

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