Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pescadero weekend: riding and hiking near the coast

Climbing Bean Hollow Road near Pescadero CA
 We spent the weekend on the coast near Pescadero. Though just 50 or so miles south of San Francisco, it's a great getaway, and there's easy access to beautiful beaches, hiking and good road riding.  And of course, goats (see my last post), farm stands, and yummy bakeries.  We made the most of the location by packing in several rides, a hike and visits to local beaches.

Stage Road, how I've missed you!
 For our first ride, we set off going north on HW1 from our lodging, headed inland at Gazos Creek Road, and continued on Cloverdale Road to Pescadero. I love these beautiful, quiet farm roads and they are a great alternative to Highway 1 for rides in this area. We continue through Pescadero onto Stage Road. Stage Road is one of my favorites-- twisty, remote-feeling, with two category 4 climbs. I was pleased to ride all the way to San Gregorio- I did OK with the climbs and my legs felt relatively peppy. I haven't ridden this road since my accident a few years ago. It felt great to be back (at least relatively speaking, as I am still super slow).

Dan rethinks hiking near the cliff at San Gregorio State Beach
 After a stop at the San Gregorio general store (where a bluegrass band was warming up), we headed back along Highway 1. We headed inland again at Pescadero and rode Bean Hollow Road, a wonderful climb inland that is a nice alternative to Highway 1. This bit of road has it all-- a nice climb on a quiet winding road, great views over Pescadero and the coastal mountains and scenic hilltop farms.

Riding on Pigeon Point road towards the lighthouse (faintly visible at top of photo)
  Then, back onto HW1 out to the Pigeon Point lighthouse. The wildflowers are out and they were particularly nice on this part of the ride.
Coast view from Pigeon Point lighthouse

We made a photograph stop at the lighthouse and paused to take in the amazing view. Then, headed back to our lodging just down the road. What an awesome ride!

Hiking up into the fog
 Earlier, we did a 4 mile hike near our lodging. The hike is a loop over the grassy hills up to a viewpoint with big views over the Pacific.

Pescadero State Beach at low tide
 And here's a beach shot. We stopped by Pescadero State Beach and scrambled around looking at tidepools. The tide was extremely low and it was neat to walk out among the rocks and look at critters in the tidepools. What a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, plus the account of the Harley Farms tour. Keith and I are in Glendora, having watched the Amgen TOC and biked Mt. Baldy. Impressive and pretty! --Christine

NadiaMac said...

Thanks Christine! I'm jealous of your TOC trip. Mt Baldy looks like a tough climb!