Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

Golden Gate bridge viewed from Fort Baker
Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate bridge.  To celebrate, we rode out from home to ride across the bridge and do a loop in the Marin headlands.

Golden Gate bridge viewed from Lincoln Park

Along the way, we paused at the bridge Birthday celebration, a huge festival in Crissy Field where we checked out the Ironworkers display- neat historical photos and a riveting demonstration (i.e., a demonstration of how the bridge was riveted). Then, onto the bridge.  Riding in the Presidio was awesome- the roads were closed to traffic and it was great to ride around without the usual heavy car traffic. Saw lots of families riding with kids, perhaps in part due to the road closure. Wouldn't it be great if the Presidio roads were closed to traffic each Sunday?
Golden Gate bridge viewed from Hawk Hill in the headlands
It was foggy but with good visibility- the picture above (from a different day ) is representative. After a loop around the Headlands, we rode back across the bridge. I heard helicopters and turned to see two helicopters flying under the bridge! They were flying out to the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and we hung around for a while to watch the Nimitz approach the bridge. The thing is huge! As an aside, the newly reconfigured bike and pedestrian paths around the bridge are nice, and the views have been improved.  Then, we rode home through the city, stopping to view the Carnivale parade in the Mission, where we admired the floats, costumes and dancers and met an iguana named Stan and his person. What a great day!

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