Monday, April 30, 2012

Cycling in San Francisco: Twin Peaks East city ride

View of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks
 It was a glorious spring-y weekend in SF. I spent much of the weekend working, but did squeeze in an early evening city ride with Dan. It's light until well after 8pm now, affording the opportunity for a post-dinner ride.

We headed out through the Mission and I was a little grumpy since we hit almost every red light, plus there was a fair bit of traffic.  But after crossing Market and making the right onto 17th Street, traffic dropped off and my mood improved.  I was relieved when we veered left onto Corbett, which winds up the hill in a more mellow manner (6-8%, with patches of greater grade) than 17th street, which is a ruder, straight-up-the-hill kind of climb. As an aside, the Corbett street neighborhood is really nice and there is not very much traffic.

 Next is the right onto Clayton, then the almost-U-turn left onto Twin Peaks Boulevard. I walked my bike across this intersection since the grade is steep on the turn and it's a funky five way intersection with moderate traffic. Then the grind (6-8%, sections of 10%ish) up Twin Peaks East into a stiff headwind. The views open up here and we could see the fog creeping under the Golden Gate bridge. San Bruno Mountain to the East was already covered in fog.

I'd never been up at Twin Peaks at this time of day. The early evening light was flatter and the colors shaded into blues and greys, but it was pretty clear and you could see well into the bay and the headlands. It was pretty windy and chily at the summit, so we didn't linger at the viewpoint.  We headed home by my new favorite route back into the Mission-- descend Twin Peak Boulevard East, left on Clayton,  right on 17th then immediately left on Roosevelt Way.  Roosevelt winds down into the Mission. As an aside, there is an interesting little park (Corona Heights Park) on the route which I've never visited. Looks like there are great views from the park.  Next time.

What a great ride! The ride ended up with about 8 miles, 1100 feet of climbing (route map is below). Not bad for a city ride rolling right out of my place.

San Francisco cycling route: Twin Peaks East and the Mission

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Anonymous said...

I haven't ridden up Twin Peaks in a few years. It's such a great view.