Saturday, March 3, 2012

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands: an animal photo post

Galapagos giant tortoise, Urvina Bay, Isabela
I spent a week visiting the Galapagos Islands, joined by my mom for our first vacation together since I was a teenager. We had a great time and I'm back in SF now, my 9 weeks of vacation and travel having come to an end. I plan a bunch of posts on my more recent travels: a week in Ecuador's tropical rainforest, time in Guayaquil and the Galapagos. Here are some of my favorite photos so far from the Galapagos.

Mama sea lion tells Babe to stop nursing NOW (Darwin Bay, Genovesa).
Frigate bird feeding baby (Darwin Bay, Genovesa). There were tons of baby birds and eggs, and lots of mating and mating behavior on display
Red footed boobie and fuzzy chick (Darwin Bay, Genovesa).
Land iguana (North Seymour Island)

Marine iguana (North Seymour Island)
Piles of marine iguanas on Fernandina Island
Flightless herons, Galapagos penguin and blue footed boobies on a rock near Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island

Blue footed boobies fishing in Urvina Bay, Isabela Island
Galapagos pacific green sea turtle (Egas Port, Santiago Island)
Teensy one-week old Galapagos sea lion (Egas Port, Santiago Island)
Large mammals on Santiago Island