Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roys Peak track, Wanaka

I selected this hike because it seemed like a friendly little local mountain- it is just fifteen minutes drive up the road from Wanaka, where we stayed for a few days.  When we pulled up at the trail head, we were confronted with the view up to the peak- the entire trail is exposed with full views up to the the summit. Here's the view from the base. 

It looked pretty big and steep and it was-  over 4000 vertical feet to the summit over about 5 miles.  I wasn't sure if I would make it all the way up given my compromised fitness and wonky joints. But I started trudging up the trail after Dan, just to see how far up I could get.

The views were great the entire way up, and there were highly attractive and fluffy sheep sprinkled around the hillside.
I loved this pointy ridge.  Around this point, I told Dan to go ahead to the summit, then turn around to get me and I'd descend when he joined me. I was beat and going very slowly. 

But he lingered at the top, chatting with other hikers, and by the time he came down to get me I was almost at the top. So I made my way to the summit. Yeah! The views were expansive and it was neat to look down and see the trail we'd come up.  Wanaka is shown in the photo above.

Looking down on the sharp ridge. There was a trail running pretty far out on nthe ridge, but we didn't
explore it.

View on the backside. We had a 360 degree view with wonderful clear weather.  What a day! Getting down was super slow due to my deficient joints and the steepness of the trail.  I may invest in hiking poles, as they appear to relieve some of the load on the knees.


suehein said...

we did that same hike!

NadiaMac said...

Cool! It's a good one!

suehein said...

p.s. and even though we had been bike touring for over least a week at that point, riding from picton to west coast, down to haast and over that pass etc., we were sore for days after the hike. definitely a different muscle group and as long as we were on bikes we were fine but every time we stepped off them we started limping again!