Sunday, October 30, 2011

Palomares Road

The Low-Key Hill climb went up Palomares Road today. I'd never ridden Palomares, so after dropping Dan at the Low-Key start, I headed out to ride the climb in advance of the racers.

(summit of Palomares)

I started on Niles Canyon Road, then made the left onto Palomares. The road winds up through a canyon and feels remote and rural even though it is just a few miles from congested Union City. I toodled along at my all-day enduro pace, plodding through the initial bit of 6-9% grade at the base, then picking up the pace a little as the grade flattened. After hitting the summit, I rolled down the backside of the hill a way, then returned to the top to admire the view -- wide open rolling hills, a little valley, etc.

The descent was fun - the gradual turns and smooth pavement permitted almost unfettered (by braking) descending. As I zoomed down the hill, I was treated to views of the Low-Key crew coming up the hill. I'll definitely be back to do this climb again, hopefully in the context of a longer loop ride once my cycling range increases.

Physically, I continue to feel stronger, and in the last week or so, some "snap" has returned to my legs. I alternate between feeling thrilled at what I've accomplished since my return to the bike in August and feeling kind of down at how far I've sunk since my accident (or, alternatively, how far I have to go to get back to the type of riding I enjoy the most). On the positive side, I have a new motivation to whip myself into shape (top secret plans), and I managed to head to the gym three times last week! Hope to keep this up in the upcoming weeks.


Christine said...

It's a very pretty area. We saw you returning to the parking lot. You should feel good about doing Palomares. How wonderful is that!

NadiaMac said...

thanks Christine! You are right, it is wonderful to be able to climb Palomares!