Monday, September 5, 2011

Hiking and riding in the East Bay: Dog hike in Tilden Park, and Three Bears Loop

This weekend featured a double-header in the east bay: a dog hike in Tilden Park with my canine nephew, Theo yesterday, and the Three Bears Loop on the bike today.

I love hiking with Theo. Oh, and with Theo's people, my sister and her partner. Dan and I joined them for a short hike in Tilden Park.

(Theo and my sister trot along the trail)

We started on the Big Spring Trail (off of South Park drive), continued on the Sea View Trail along the ridge to the view point at the top, then back down to South Park Dr. on the Big Spring Trail. This is a loop, despite how it might sound in the description.

Here is the map of the loop:

The trail (actually more like a rutted fireroad) climbs to a ridge, where the views start-- looking over Tilden to the west, Marin and Mt Tam to the northwest (hidden by haze/fog today) and the East Bay hills and reservoirs to the East. There is a view point at the summit, where Dan amused himself doing yoga poses in a little rock garden that someone had constructed.

(tree pose)

And here's the happy family, view over East Bay hills and the San Pablo reservoir. Theo had a great time and only rolled in horse manure once.

Total hike = 3.2 miles, about 800 feet of climbing.

Today, it was off to ride the Three Bears Loop, which circles the San Pablo & Briones reservoirs (San Pablo is shown in the photo above). I love this loop and it's a good distance for me right now given that I am rebuilding my strength and endurance on the bike. It's not too long at around 19 miles, has varied terrain -- rollers and the Bear climbs-- plus at least one screaming descent and nice views. The ride is easily extendable into Tilden Park up Wildcat Canyon Road, though we didn't do that today. Oh, and BART accessible from Orinda BART.

Dan accompanied me and was very patient with what he terms my "ultraendurance" mode. That is, my ultra slow go-forever type pace. Cute cows and goats were observed along the road, and the traffic was pretty mellow. My various aged and damaged bits (knee and back) did OK and all in all it was a pleasant ride. Oh, bonus: I hit over 40 mph on the descent off of Papa Bear for the first time in ages.

Here's the map:

Stats: ~19 miles, just under 1500 feet of climbing.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I'm a fan of the "go slow forever" pace too!

NadiaMac said...

Thanks for the comment Kathleen! Love your blog! NM