Friday, August 5, 2011

San Bruno Mountain hike: summit and ridge trail

Sunday, Dan and I joined friends to hike at San Bruno Mountain State Park. I have a huge soft spot for San Bruno mountain-- I work nearby, look at it several times a day and I just really love this gentle little mountain that rises from the sprawl of SF, Brisbane and South City. It's rarely crowded and I think it's a bit underappreciated.

Plus, there are really good views when it's clear.

Dan and I check out the view of SF; photo by Bill Bushnell
We took the summit trail up to the top, near the radio towers, then headed on to the Ridge trail via a single track connector trail (forget the name of this). Then, we walked out about 2 miles on the Ridge trail.

The trail rolled up and down and was fairly steep at some points (GPS says up to 16%). As we rolled up and down and around the hills, we got peeks of the view to the north and south, and of course, of the bay and east bay to the east of us. There are still a lot of wildflowers out on the mountain, and I enjoyed checking out the variety of colorful flowers.

We paused for lunch about two miles out on the Ridge trail, at a spot that had a nearly 360 degree view. City view is above, and view to the south is below. It was really nice. We watched planes taking off from SFO for a while, then turned back.

On the way back to the Summit, the fog was rolling in big-time. It got a little bit windy (well, quite windy) and was quite foggy as we approached the summit. At 3 pm, no less.

Good thing I had my fleece jacket! I descended the summit trail- the same way we came up-- while the others took the longer summit loop trail back (which ended up being closed for some reason). The wind and fog abated as soon as I had dropped a few hundred feet and I had an enjoyable walk back to the car at the park entrance.

Total distance: 7.2 miles, ~1200 feet of climbing. Thanks to Bill for organizing.