Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Spring weekend

We headed out to Wilbur Hot Springs for the long weekend.

(source of the hot spring)

It was very hot- springs and air temp were well into the 100s-- but very relaxing. We hiked, took a yoga class, rode bikes on dirt roads and trails, and of course, bathed in the hot springs.

The springs were very sulfury.

(spring source again. The baths are downstream a bit in a nice flume configuration)

We went on a hike into the hills, past a geyser, several abandoned mines and even old smelter works from turn-of-the-century mining operations

(the geyser is in the middle. It was pretty petite but very hot and bubbly. Abandoned mine is visible in upper left)

We also did a little riding on dirt roads and trails. Fun! But bumpy.

Dan went on a glorious run up to a view point, while I lazed around at the hot spring.

What a great weekend!

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Excellent blog post, as always!