Sunday, March 6, 2011

montara mountain hiking

 Wet! This is on the Hazlenut trail in San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica.

Hiking in San Pedro Valley Park seemed like an OK idea earlier in the week, when it was warm and sunny.  I started to get second thoughts last night, when the chilly rain storm blew in.  But, off I went this morning at 6:30 am, accompanying Dan who was signed up for the half-marathon Montara Mountain Coast Trail run.

After Dan and the other runners started, I hiked the 10k route (here, in pink: It rained the entire time, but I was plenty warm (actually, too warm on the climbs).  Here's the profile:

My initial goal was to beat Dan (who was running 13 miles, including the 1800 vertical foot climb to the top of Montara Mountain), but I ended up slowing considerably on the last descent due to blisters and Dan passed me about 100 meters before the finish (D'oh!).

Views? Not so much

 All in all, I was very pleased to get out and about on a day that otherwise I might have spent indoors. 

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