Sunday, February 13, 2011

gorgeous riding on HW25 near Paicines and Pinnacles

 The low-key mega monster enduro was yesterday and I volunteered at the start/finish.  The 50 mile out-and-back winds gently along the san andreas fault, past curvy green hills and by farms and vineyards. And of course, past the entrance for Pinnacles Nat'l monument.  Good road surfaces, relatively mellow levels of traffic and pleasant rolling hills make for fantastic riding.

I brought my bike along, but wasn't sure if I'd be up for a ride in view of my cranky back and the iffy condition of my "good" knee, which I'd aggravated on that headlands hike a few weeks ago (yes, I now have bursitis in my good knee).  I eventually decided to ride a bit of Panoche Road, which intersects HW25 at Paicines, and was very pleased with the super scenic road and low traffic.  Definitely worth re-visiting for a longer ride-- you can ride all the way to HW5, getting you about 50 miles out plus a nice climb over the hills to the east. 

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djconnel said...

Congratulations on your great return to outdoor cycling! And thanks again for the help @ the MegaMonster...