Sunday, January 23, 2011

Headlands hike: GG bridge lot + loop around Headlands

(yes, we took the GPS on the hike. Nerds.)

Started at the parking lot on the Marin side of the GG bridge (west side). Took Coast trail up to the top of the ridge; continued on Coast to Miwok trail (required crossing Bunker and taking a short connecting trail).

(Miwok trail, approaching summit)

We'd planned on taking Marincello trail to Bobcat trail to the Alta trail, but ended up following a guy as he diverged off of Marincello onto some alluring single track (there is an old bit of fence marking this point, about 50 meters after the junction of Miwok and Marincello). We thought it was just a view point but it ended up being a fun singletrack walk up the ridge a bit then down to connect with Bobcat right before the junction with Alta. 

(steep downhill. Note there is an easier alternative route at this point. I did enjoy watching Dan come down this part on his rump)

We continued Alta to SCA, then back down the Coastal Trail to the Bridge. The hike ended up being 10.4 miles, about 2000 feet of climbing.

(Coastal trail. View was actually quite crisp and clear but my iphone 4 camera has trouble balancing light contrasts. Seems worse than the 3Gs camera in this regard.)

High points of the hike:
--enjoyable new trails: Coastal trail up to the ridge (despite considerable freeway noise, the vistas over the bay and bridge are worth it), summit on Miwok (views over bay, Tiburon peninsula, Angel Island and even Diablo poking up in the distance), SCA trail (!!! loved the traverse of the ridge);

-- seeing bobcats on Miwok close to the summit (well, we didn't see any but another guy did- something to look out for in this area as apparently there is a pair of bobkitties hanging out in this area)

-- walking out to a lookout on Alta and finding a guy in a suit and fedora playing his guitar and singing. Pretty surprising! He was pretty good!

My aged and broken body parts held up reasonably well on the hike, which turned out to be 10.4 miles and thus about a mile longer than advertised.  My knees eventually became quite tired and a little sore, making the downhill on Coastal a bit of a trudge. But overall I held up pretty well, especially considering that as of just four weeks ago, I was spending most of my weekends in bed! but there is still work to be done with my gait and left leg strength.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Headlands Fog

 Started in this pea soup fog (taken about 100 feet above Rodeo Beach on the coast trail).

Climbed some more into the warm sun.  That is the Golden Gate bridge poking out through the fog on the left.  Peeled off my jacket and continued to climb...

 Higher up. 
And near the top (near site 88).  And then back down on Wolf Ridge Trail to Miwok. About 5.2 miles, bringing me to a total of 12.5 for the weekend (but who is counting). I continue to be very excited to get out and hike.  Back and knee are tolerating the activity really well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

back to it

Coastal trail, Marin headlands (near Pirate's Cove)
Glorious sunny day yesterday, and DC and I did a great hike in the headlands. The views were wide-open and the trails relatively uncrowded once we got away from the Tennessee Valley trailhead. It's been quite a while since I've been able to get out and about and hike and I've really missed outdoor activity, especially outdoor activity time with Dan! By mile 7, my bad leg was quite fatigued, but I made it back to the car without significant back or knee pain and this is a major major accomplishment. After 18 mos. of injury, I feel like I am turning the corner. Finally.

Putting this link here
for inspiration on later hikes.