Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wine country riding

giant dog sculptures in vineyard, near Occidental
Originally uploaded by NadiaMac

saw these cute, giant dogs in a vineyard near Occidental CA as we rode along a small bit of the Terrible Two route. They were really big, but unfortunately not so visible in my cameraphone photo.

On another note, this may not look like much, but this is a gradient profile of Harrison grade, the hill that the BF selected for my second hilly ride after surgery:

Holy cow, no wonder I felt slow and feeble, this thing has extended portions over ten percent, and tops off with a segment of 12.5% (where I must confess I walked, fearing for the integrity of my still-weak-and-wonky knee as I struggled up at a cadence of around 50 rpm). Did I mention that my PT wants me to use low gearing and spin a lot while riding? Heh.

In his defense, he did not know it was that steep!

Luckily, my knee survived the ride, which included lots of rollers and small hills, and it was gorgeous, up in Sonoma, just beautiful riding up there and very low traffic to boot. I look forward to returning soon when I have the fitness and knee-chops to handle more than a 2 hour ride.


pedalpower said...

Hi NadiaMac, I recently cut off the tip of my finger and the ER at CalPacific in SF used gelfoam to stop the bleeding. Like you, [now] a few days later, I'm wondering if the gelfoam is ever going to come off. I saw your posting on this subject and was wondering how it turned out for you. How did you get the gelfoam off and how did your finger heal? I hope it all worked out well for you. My email address is kinichahau1@gmail.com and I would appreciate any advice you could offer.


amy said...

hey thanks for the tips! it turns out my left quad is super tight which is pulling on the tendons which is pulling on the patella... i've been rolling my leg like mad and that seems to be helping. and you're right about the kicking, when i don't use a pull buoy but remember to kick from the hips it feels a lot better.