Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kittens in the house

Meet Radar and Rascal, my 5 -week old, shy little foster kittens. We are working hard to convince them that humans are nothing to be afraid of. They will be here for the next two or three weeks.

Rascal is the shyer of the two and is a little overwhelmed by his more assertive and larger companion, Radar. I have to give him meds for his tummy and unfortunately, this is making him a bit wary of me. He is slowly warming to humans. Slowly.

This is Radar hiding in a box on the first day I had the kittens. He's really mellowed out and now purrs when I go into the room, rather than hissing. He's larger than Rascal and a bit bossy and dominant. His fur is very soft and feels like a plush stuffed animal. Cute!

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