Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ok, just one more kitten picture

Cute picture of Rascal playing with my sister's shoelaces. Sister had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago, hence the big brace.

The kittens have reached adoption weight, more than doubling their weight in the last two weeks, crazy! Radar will return to the shelter on Saturday (good luck, little guy!) and I'll have Rascal over the weekend to provide a little additional socialization before he goes in next week. Shy kitties often blossom around humans when they are the only kitten around, so the hope is that Rascal will warm up a little after some one-on-one attention. Edit: I came down with the flu (oink?) and couldn't return Radar, so I ended up keeping the two of them for another couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

kitten frenzy

Kitten cuteness continues. They are both healthy now and are just tearing up their little room, bursting with kitten destructive energy. They are both still a little shy (especially Rascal), but purr when picked up and this is encouraging! I'm continuing to play with them a lot, and am having people come over so the little babies get used to new people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kittens in the house

Meet Radar and Rascal, my 5 -week old, shy little foster kittens. We are working hard to convince them that humans are nothing to be afraid of. They will be here for the next two or three weeks.

Rascal is the shyer of the two and is a little overwhelmed by his more assertive and larger companion, Radar. I have to give him meds for his tummy and unfortunately, this is making him a bit wary of me. He is slowly warming to humans. Slowly.

This is Radar hiding in a box on the first day I had the kittens. He's really mellowed out and now purrs when I go into the room, rather than hissing. He's larger than Rascal and a bit bossy and dominant. His fur is very soft and feels like a plush stuffed animal. Cute!