Thursday, May 14, 2009

One-legged pedaling

I've been swimming since I injured my knee. I'm not a very good swimmer, plus I am using a pull buoy --no kicking-- so I am exceptionally slow in the pool and my arms get tired really easily so it isn't much of an aerobic workout. I feel really good after I swim, both mentally and physically, but find it to be really boring while I am swimming.

I've been experimenting with one-legged pedaling as an alternative to swimming (yes, I am that desperate). It works reasonably well in terms of getting my heart rate up a bit. But I am sort of imbalanced because I have to keep my left leg out of the way of the pedals (I still can't pedal with my bad knee- it clicks and pops and swells, bad news). I've been propping it on a little stool, and this throws off my position on the saddle and my right hip hurts a little. If anyone has an idea of how this could be improved, please let me know.

On the cooking side, I've made more wonderful soups-- asparagus soup with fresh asparagus from the farm box and a fantastic pureed turnip-potato-mushroom-carrot soup (delicious, and I don't usually care for turnips). I enjoy having more time for cooking, but I'd rather be out on the bike for sure.


djconnel said...

Stay, tough! You'll get stronger! Maybe more slowly than you'd like, but just think about all the great things you'll do and feel when you're back up to speed!

Anonymous said...

-general fitness - weightlifting; you won't bulk up because your estrogen works against it

-remove pedal and crank on your injured side (don't know if this is possible) to keep your legs as close together so your hips aren't strained.

I hope this helps. I'm not a physical therapist or anything.

NadiaMac said...

Thanks for the comments! I am working out at the gym doing core and PT-type exercises for knee (remembered from my last time around with ortho problems) plus some arm stuff. Good idea on the one-legge pedaling, as well.