Friday, May 8, 2009

Cooking frenzy

I've been at home quite a lot since injuring my knee, between telecommuting (so I can ice and elevate while working comfortably in bed) and just having extra time because I am not riding. I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands for things like cooking. I'm also pretty restless from spending a fair amount of time by myself at home, hence a blog post to fill some time while eating lunch on a telecommuting day.

Here's what I've made of late:

asparagus risotto: turned out pretty well, considering I didn't have any wine and used canned stock. I left the asparagus chunky rather than pureeing it as suggested by some of the recipes, and it was good! The texture was nice and creamy. Yum, I love asparagus season. I don't make risotto very often because it takes a lot of stirring time. But now I've got nothing but time...

Black bean chili: best I've made yet. I've really got this recipe (my own) dialed. Yum yum. We ate the entire large batch in a day and a half. Secret ingredients: chipotle peppers, cinnamon and cumin.

Fava bean spread: very good. Very labor intense, and slightly underwhelming yield (you start with a huge pile of beans and end up with a small ball of dip. Need more beans next time) but very tasty. I love fava bean season and hope we get more in the farm box this week.

Goat milk yogurt: still yog'ing, so I don't know how it turned out. It's usually very flavorful, with a pretty soft texture.

White bean spread: seasoned with garlic, rosemary, some stock and parsley. very easy way to use up leftover white beans, and super flavorful. I tried to emulate Millenium's bean spread, but didn't quite make it. It was still very yummy. I'll keep trying

Lentil soup with collard greens: another recipe that I have dialed. Very good. I have two versions: the tomato-ey caramelized onion-y version and the morocan spices/saffron/cumin/etc version. I made the former and it was good even though I used canned tomatos.

Apple sauce with rhubarb: easy to make and nice way to use up apples from the farm box.

OK, that is all. Time for some more leftover risotto

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