Monday, February 2, 2009

First crit

EB W4 Crit, 2/1/09. I love this photo by Garrett Lau.

OK, enough with the vacation musings. Back to some local stuff. This weekend, I rode in my very first criterium. My goals were modest- practice riding in the pack, finish with the pack, and don't crash. This was also my first race with my new team, and I was excited to get a team jersey to wear in the race.  The field was pretty large- over 60 women. How would I do?

I was pretty pleased with how the race turned out. I was still feeling the effects of my horrible Cambodian cold, but had no trouble staying with the pace (though my heart rate was insanely high for the level of perceived effort and I actually set a new max HR. I attribute this to my cold, since I didn't feel as though I was working very hard). My finish was nothing special-- in the pack (and actually pretty far back, since I failed to notice that we were in the bell lap and had a crap position going into the sprint). And there were quite a few terrifying moments, including getting squeezed into a curb and hearing or seeing two different crashes (yikes).  But all in all a positive experience. I definitely have a lot to work on, but I look forward to more crit riding. And I really love this photograph, which was the major motivation for this post.

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djconnel said...

That's Cara in the yellow jersey towards the right. Finishing your first crit in the field is huge. Nicely done!!! I consider finishing any crit in the pack, rubber side down, is a win... better than that is only icing on the cake.