Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes we can

Love the obamacon Mac. He looks very handsome!

Today, I responded to Obama's call for a national day of service and helped clean up a neighborhood mini-park. About 40 people showed up to pick up trash, clear an overgrown lot to make way for a community garden, and paint and otherwise spruce up the pedestrian footbridge over 101. I helped weed and clear brush from the vacant lot. It was kind of fun, except when I unearthed some syringes along the way.

It felt good to do some volunteer work. And it felt good to help clean up a neighborhood parklet, one I walk through every week or so in the summer. I do a moderate amount of cycling-related volunteering, mostly for the Low-Key Hillclimb series, but have been a bit remiss in my neighborhood/charitable volunteering since I started riding so much. I need to make time for more of this in the future.

I'm tired, time to nap. Then pick up Dan at the airport!

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djconnel said...

That's inspiring, Cara! Nice work!