Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This and that II

A blog update in two parts:
The cross season was really fun and way too short, especially because I missed a ton of the early races because I was sick. I ended up doing 5 races- 3 super prestige and 2 of the Livermore series.

Livermore cyclocross-- love that series! Photo:

One theme this season-- no man's land. I'd end up riding essentially alone after about the first lap, stronger women ahead and out of sight and folks I passed behind me, often out of sight as well. I often found myself really holding back after the first lap, just maintaining my position relative to the riders who were behind. Not really pushing as hard as I could push for sure. Actually smiling for the photographers (see above).

Coyote Point

I tried something different at the last BASP race at Coyote Point- pushed hard in the first lap to stay with riders who were going pretty hard, and rode much of the race with folks in view (ahead or behind) to keep me motivated. I went a lot harder and was really happy with the race.

Overall, I had a good time, overcame some of my pre-race apprehension (last year I dreaded racing, though loved it once I got going. This year, I looked forward to racing much more) and generally had greater confidence. Technical stuff seemed easier and my mounts/dismounts were smoother, though I was still covered with mystery bruises after every race from smashing into the bike while racing. Things to do differently next year-- more intensity training prior to the season for sure. I'll need all the help I can get in the Bs (or possibly masters) next year.

Riding generally
This was a strange year for me, with shifting plans and goals. I started the year with a road race, felt it went rather poorly and launched on an organized training program, my first ever in my life. While I enjoyed this a LOT (I love having a plan, and especially loved weight lifting), I really really missed my long and/or fast group rides with friends (which didn't fit well in the training plan, or were not so much fun due to tired legs from the training plan, etc). I also didn't start mountain biking. Generally, failed miserably to balance the training and the fun part of riding. And I didn't do any racing all summer long, which sort of negated the hard work I had been doing. All in all, a little unsatisfying and I hope to do a bit of thinking about my goals and plans next year before embarking on a similar training effort. For now, I'm planning to do some of the early birds and start mountain biking in January. And yes, probably some weight lifting as well because I really love it. And more riding with friends this year for sure.

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djconnel said...

Finishing 22nd out of a field of 50 in the Snelling Road Race as a first-ever road race is not "starting poorly." That's damn good. Just my opinion, as one who's all too often found himself much further down than that in a road race.