Monday, October 13, 2008

first cross race- ouch!

I went out for my first cross race this year- and my first race in ten months. Lone photo above, and for that I am glad because it was not a great race, mechanically and riding-wise. No intensity for many months = painful cross race. I actually threw up (just a little) and cramped during the third lap, despite a slow and steady pace. In lap 4, I started feeling a little better, but then dropped my chain twice and flatted near the log barriers.
It was my first time at Livermore, and the course was great for a shakedown ride-- flat, pretty fast and not very technical. Despite the pain, it felt good to be out there and my position looks good in the photo (always important :) ). Next up, McLaren Park. Lots of stuff to work on. I am already nervous.

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