Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a couple more trip pictures

Amazing cliff near Medicine Lake in the Jasper area. Taken on our shakedown ride (that's me at the front).

The best black bear photo ever, taken at a scary-close range

Giant glacier shot- that's me riding in the front (barely visible)

Me and Sue in front of giant glacier (Athabasca glacier in the Columbia icefield). I've known Sue for about 32 years. Wow, that's a long time!
Bill and Sue's most gorgeous picture from Glacier Nat'l park area (Bill is pictured). Not sure if this is in Canada or Montana as I didn't go on this part of the trip. This photo is really incredible- love the little lakes.

The Going To The Sun Road in Glacier, or as Sue put it, the "Going To The Sun Road should be renamed Going To The Snow/Sleet/Wind/Rain/Hail Stinging Your Cheeks/36 Degrees In August/Sun My Ass Road". The road looks really epic, but I am not so sorry I missed the climb, at least on this particular day.

Pictures borrowed with thanks from Sue and Bill's photoset.

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