Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lake Louise

We rolled into Lake Louise yesterday just in time to dive into our tents and wait out a huge thunderstorm. The storm knocked out the power and is rumored to have triggered a mudslide that closed the road we were planning on taking to Golden.
We've ridden about 140 miles (in doses of 54, 54, and 36 miles) and have completed the spectacular icefields parkway.
This photo is the view from the Beauty Creek hostel, where we stayed for our first night on the icefields parkway. (oops, posted the view of Athabasca Falls. Will post hostel view next). The hostel was charming- no running water and gas lanterns and a shower created by Roger the hostel manager hoisting warm water to the roof and gravity doing its thing. Roger also makes pancakes and we had six different varieties for breakfast.
Which was an awesome start to the day, and we really needed it because we started out with a 1500 foot climb to the first big mountain pass, which included 1.8 miles of steepness. By steepness, I mean an 8-10% average grade with two rumored 12% sections. I practically died with the load and my modest cogs, but pedaled through it at about 45 rpm.

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