Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jasper riding and we saw bears!!

We did a ride today. Yeah, we rode up winding mountain roads, past an incredibly scenic mountain lake, and even stopped for a hike along a nifty ravine carved by the river. But most importantly, we saw mama bear and two fuzzy cubs eating berries by the road!!!!! I was wildly excited, never having seen black bears before. Bill suggested that he should test out the bear spray on the cubs, but we restrained him (jk).
We ended up with about 45 miles riding, 45 minutes of gentle hiking. I felt somewhat crappy on the bike, still getting used to the feel of my old bike (left new wunderbike at home). The seat was too low, which didn't help. I'll get used to it soon.

Tomorow, we move to a campground, still in Jasper. Hiking is on the

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