Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We are in lovely Redstreak campground in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, after a wonderful 67 mile ride from Golden. After two cold rainy days, the warm sunny weather today was very welcome. We rode between mountain ranges in the Columbia valley. The river and associated wetlands were visible much of the day and we saw lots of birds including big ospreys. The gentle grades and limited traffic permitted the fastest pace of our tour so far. It almost felt like normal riding!
We stopped at a beekeepers (Beeland, pictured below) across from the above-pictured view of the Bugaboo mountains and ski area.

He gave us a tour of his production facility and we tasted honeys and petted his three kitties. After lunch on his porch (honey! preserves!), we rolled on to Radium Hot Springs where we will hit the hot springs after setting up camp.
To recap the last couple of days: after a morning un-loaded ride up to Moraine Lake, we rode from Lake Louise to Kicking Horse campground (18 miles), in rain on the Transcanada highway. My glasses inconveniently broke on the mountain pass and I had to mend them with electrical tape so I could descend in the driving rain. Sue and Bill had duct tape and I improved the repair job at the campground when they arrived. Amazing stuff, duct tape is.
After a cold rainy night, we rode on to Golden (45 miles) in cold, drizzling rain, with a long stop in the cute Victorian railroad town of Field where we loitered for quite some time in a warm cafe. I had hot chocolate flavored with cardamom. Mmm! We indulged on a motel room in Golden (actually fairly seedy) and woke up nice and dry for today's ride.
Next up-- two days of riding to Banff. I must confess that I am dreading the climbing a bit. We've lost quite a lot of altitude over the last three days and will need to hump back up. Most of the climbing will occur tomorrow as we climb Sinclair Pass first thing in the morning, then gradually climb for about 40 more miles to Marble Canyon Campground.

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