Saturday, July 19, 2008

tour de fat

Slow bike contest at tour de fat: slowest rider wins. finalists faced the additional challenge of drinking a full beer before the finish line

Today I rode in the bike parade in Golden Gate Park at SF bike coalition's tour de fat. It was fun to ride through the park with police escort, but was completely fogged in and thus a bit chilly in my somewhat scanty costume.

I've been extremely tired since the death ride and today was no exception. I was a bit puzzled, since I didn't think I'd be quite this tired after the death ride. I realized today that my allergies have been acting up and I had accidentally switched to possibly de-caffeinated coffee (now rectified!). I feel a little better about my fitness, but wish I would stop being so tired.


velogirl said...

a good guideline for endurance events if one day of recovery for each hour of the event. so, if you rode 10 hours @ DR, you should be just about recovered now.

I've been very tired too. my legs had snap for the first time last night.

phyllis said...

You should see an allergist...there is a lot you can do for allergies and I wish I had had the treatment sooner when I was your age.
There are so many different kinds of antihistimines...I take zyrtec or rather the generic, which is available OTC works forall different kinds of allergies.

Now doesn't this sound like motherly advice?