Monday, July 21, 2008


Cyclocross season approaches (kind of.... September) so my mind has turned to running. Last year, I did anything to stay on the bike. This included tottering slowly around technical corners in soft dirt as others ran swiftly past carrying their bikes. Riding up soft dirt hills at a cadence below 40 rpm as others ran swiftly past carrying their bikes. Remounting to ride when others were still running. You get the idea.

Why did I do this? Because as soon as I got off the bike and ran, my heart rate went through the roof. I have never been a runner. My monster quads simply fail to cope with running.

This year I am doing a little running in preparation for September. I will never be a strong runner, but I am hoping that I can avoid the cardiovascular insults of last season. I've started slowly, to allow my body to adjust to the impact and unfamiliar strains and to make it as easy as possible on my weird foot.

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